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27 Jun

Whatever kind of website you have, it's a sure thing that you want it to get noticed and visited by people through some unpaid, organic traffic. Search engine optimization or SEO is the process that you need to learn and conquer in order to get exactly what you want. You don't have to be a SEO expert or employ one, just read this SEO tips and get your page well optimized in order for it to be well ranked on different search engines.


There is a thing called RankBrain that Google uses to rank pages. It simply watches after how different users go through different search results. If a user stays on the page for some time, it gets some points and starts to gain ranking. Contrary to that, if users click on some page and immediately bounce off of it, page loses ranking. That is why you need to optimize your page and offer a great user experience that will make them stick to it a bit longer.


It is said that one of the best SEO tips for website pages is making sure that your page is full of quality, not quantity. It's better to have a lower number of pages and posts than to have a huge number of shallow posts with low word count and content which users don't want to read. Also, at this time, lots of users don't have the patience to read articles and would rather watch different videos. That is why it's not a bad idea to include video content to your page. It will help to get more users to click on the page and stick to it a bit longer.


One of the important SEO tips is to maximize user engagement which you can easily do by giving your content some diversity. If you write some deep, extensive articles and make it easy to read, it’s almost guaranteed that users will stay and read your content. There are different things you can do to make it easy to read - you can use paragraphs, headlines, you can make important words bolder etc. Also, you can't write everything that users would like to know. That is why you need to include some links and offers that will help your page visitors to get all the answers they want. It can also help for the same visitors to come back and become regular on the page.


It may sound like some science fiction movie title but is actually quite simple. Mobile-first indexing means that Google nowadays considers the mobile version of the page as a primary version of your site. As you can probably assume, most of the Internet users are searching on their phones. That is why your page should be adapted to the mobile version. In order for users to stay on your page, it needs to leave a great impression and be simple and easy to use.

There are quite a few different SEO tips and tricks use can use to make your page well ranked. Make sure you love what you do and dedicate your time to your goal, and it will all come together.

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