28 Aug

“With Google is trying to evaluate websites based on hundreds and thousands of ranking factors, knowing where exactly to aim your new SEO strategy in 2019 is the biggest challenge.” - As claimed by one Freelance SEO Expert

While Ranking Signals are far more than just five, the factors that are highlighted in this post are the ones I consider to be very important and essential.

So, here we go!

1. Have A Mobile-Friendly Website

In the age of mobile phones, the lifeblood of your website in SERP will be the mobile version of your website. 

To stay afloat and alive, follow Google’s guidelines and ensure the content on both versions of your website identically matches.

2. Having A Secure Website

As stated by Dr. Pete J. Meyers almost a year ago that 30 percent of the first page of Google results were having a secured website. All of them were using HTTPS.

While it is not necessary to switch to HTTPS as it would not harm your website essentially but in the year 2017, Google announced that it’s browser, Chrome, would begin to flag those websites as “not secure” in the topmost URL bar when they are not using HTTPS.

This is why you should have HTTPS or else, your website visitors may bounce back.

3. Improve User Experience

Yes, User Experience has an impact on SEO and Ranking.

If you don’t give enough importance to the user experience, your website might even end up in the trash.

It is a proven fact that most users, which is around 40 percent will stop using a website if the layout is not attractive.

Search engines look at how much a user is spending on a website before clicking back or going to another page.

This is why designing a user experience that is also nicely paring with SEO is essential if you wish to be successful in having a highly SERP’s.

4. Optimization Of Loading Speed

“The faster your page, the better it is.” – as said by the top SEO experts

Faster loading of pages leads to a better overall experience from a user’s perspective and hence, Google made it one of the important factors in ranking.

The slower your website loads, the less number of visitors you are likely to get.

Even the online shopping giant Amazon was not spared. A just one second delay in loading would cost them 1.5 billion dollars in sales.

There are various tools available to check a website’s loading speeds, check if it up to the standards.

5. Having High-Quality Contents In The Right Format

The goal is to build a relationship between the users, your website and the search engines. It will be a huge mistake if you focus on anything else and forget about the most essential thing. Other things are important but do not forget to have high-quality contents on your website otherwise, visitors would not simply like your website. 

Remember one thing “content is the real king”.

Its also very common for starters for creating pages with only texts in the main area without having proper headings, subheadings, paragraphing, etc.

This is not only bad for search engines to understand but also for users like us. 

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